Alex Grover
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Hey, I'm Alex. I'm a software engineer and photographer. I'm currently working on Homage. We are on a mission to make the most expensive NFT art more accessible.

Before Homage, led the Platform team at Darwin Homes, where I joined as an early engineer. Darwin was acquired by Pagaya in January 2023.

Before Darwin, I spent time traveling in Southeast Asia, freelancing and honing my creative skills as a photographer.

I studied Computer Science at Stanford, and started my career as the 13th engineer at DoorDash, where I helped start the Merchant, Payments, and Drive (b2b white label delivery) teams.

When I'm not drinking coffee and building websites, you can find me outside, traveling, taking photos, and looking for a new adventure.


Instagram @alex__grover
Farcaster @alexgrover.eth
GitHub @alex-grover
Twitter @alexgrover_eth